Over the past years, the members of American Legion Post 3 have raised thousands of dollars from the generosity and patriotism of the citizens of Gloucester for the support of those who need our assistance, support for citizens in our community, and support, in the form of scholarships, for our future generation.
Isn’t that a message that we want to continue to send to our young men and women who continue to answer the call of duty in this troubling and violent time? That we will never forget their sacrifices and that we will always be there to support them when they return!
Please help us help those who need our support in their time of travail and hardship.
To our businesses and friends in Gloucester, American Legion Post 3 would welcome any contributions that you might desire to provided to help our fellow veterans and the community.

You can send donations to:
Capt. Lester S. Wass,
American Legion Post 3
Post Office Box 122
Gloucester, MA 01931-0122

On behalf of my fellow veterans, I want to thank you for your support.
Mark L. Nestor,
Commander, American Legion Post 3
Vietnam, Class of ’70